Le Schtroumpfissime (Les Schtroumpfs) [Peyo, Y. Delporte] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book is in excellent condition. Please note. Les Schtroumpfs #2 · Les Schtroumpfs» Les Schtroumpfs #2 – Le Schtroumpfissime released by Dupuis on January 1, King Smurf is the second comic book adventure of the Smurfs, and the name of the main The adventure of King Smurf first started in Spirou magazine in as Le Schtroumpfissime (cf. illustrissimo — most illustrious — a term sometimes.

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This arrogance and constant lecturing actually put all the other Smurfs off him.

In the original French book edition fromthe comic contains two stories, the titular one and Schtroumphonie en Uta story about the frustrated efforts of a Smurf to make some acceptable music and being tricked by Gargamel into playing an enchanted musical instrument which has a disastrous effect on his fellow Smurfs. The sudden return scbtroumpfissime paternal authority brought an immediate end schtroumpfixsime the battle and the embarrassed Smurfs had to explain themselves to Papa Smurf.

The Lost Village Thanks for telling us about the problem. Le Schtroumpfissime is the second comic book adventure of the Smurfsand the name of the main fictional character who assumes power in the absence of Papa Smurf.

To ask other readers questions about Le Schtroumpfissimeplease sign up. In the King Smurf story, Peyo and Yvan Delporte the writer schtroumpfssime to make several comments about governmentthe lengths politicians will schtroumpfjssime to be elected such as making promises that they fail to keep and the corruption and abuse of power.

He forced the Smurfs into building him schtroumpfisssime palace and wore them out. When he refused to abdicatethe rebels attacked the village. When one of Jokey’s presents exploded on King Smurf, he ordered Jokey imprisoned as a warning. Ex-King Smurf was touched by this and so was Papa Smurf who forgave them schtroumpfisisme. King Smurf’s outfit was then used for a scarecrow. He also put up posters, held a parade, made self-praising election speeches and offered rounds of raspberry juice. Soon, the only other candidate was Brainy Smurf who, as usual, simply claimed that he was the only suitable Smurf since according to himself only “Papa Smurf always said so”.


However, when the Smurf plays the turlusiphon to the other smurfs, they fall asleep. The winning Smurf then schtrooumpfissime to put on golden-coloured clothes and asked the others to refer to him as “King Smurf”.

Le Schtroumpfissime

The other Smurfs felt sorry for him and offered their help, claiming it was also their fault, and that they still liked him after all. Ariadne rated it schtroumpfissim not like it Aug 27, Ultimately, Brainy spells out the episode’s moral, that “being a good leader means more than just giving orders.

To prevent any more defectionsKing Smurf had the village surrounded by a wooden wall. While not the second story to appear in Spirouit was the titular story to be published in book format. At the village, Harmony as the Smurf now calls himself takes his old trumpet and decides to play a requiem for his fellow Smurfs. Story is decent and the art is good, but the smurfs sure are annoying. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

When the story was made into an animated cartoon, it is Brainy Smurf who becomes King Smurf. One particular but unnamed Smurf used demagogical tactics and made promises to almost all the Smurfs and they agreed to vote for him. By offering the other Smurfs gold medals, King Smurf managed to mount an expedition into the forest to confront the rebellion, but it was a failure, with the rebels simply getting more recruits in the process.

Want to Read saving…. Return to Book Page. King Smurf is a regular Smurf whose actual name and position is never stated in the original adventure in which he is the titular main character.


The Smurf discovers the fairy was really Gargamel in disguise and goes to Gargamel’s laboratory to find the cure for the turlusiphon-induced sleep, and faces both Gargamel and his schtroumptissime Azrael. The miracle happens when his music is so awful that it awakens the Smurfs. Lists with This Book. King Smurf was left helpless with only his guards to support him.

Bimo rated it did not like it Nov 04, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During the fight, a rebel took explosives from Papa Smurf’s laboratory and blew up King Smurf’s castle.

The Smurfs laughed off his pretence, something he himself did not take with amusement. Other books in the series.

Le Schtroumpfissime (Les Schtroumpfs, #2) by Peyo (1 star ratings)

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Published April 1st schttroumpfissime Dupuis first published He meets a strange fairy who gives him a magic instrument, the “turlusiphon”, which always plays well. The rebels eventually broke through the wooden wall and the resulting full-scale battle carried on inside the village, causing widespread destruction.

In the animated version of Smurphony in Cthe melody of the smurphony is based on a Beethoven gavotte. Miiko rated it did not like it Mar 18, Retrieved schtroukpfissime ” https: The Smurfs characters The Smurfs books in comics Comics characters introduced in Satirical comics Fictional kings. Arguments and fights ensued when they all claimed the post and were only solved by the decision to have a votethough at first they all announced that they were voting for themselves.