Page 1. Kitchen stewarding UNIT—4. In kitchen stewarding, one is required to maintain the kitchens of an eatery or hotel. This job has moved from being a chef’s. Home Interior Design Style Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design Kitchen Living Room Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design. KITCHEN STEWARDING LAYOUT AND DESIGN PDF. Find + best results for “kitchen stewarding layout and design pdf” web-references, pdf, doc, ppt, xls.

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Storage facilities, Layout and Design

Garbage bins should be placed in all parts of the kitchen, except those mentioned above, and these garbage bins should be lined with plastic liners.

Newer Post Older Post Home. While stacking the heavier items should desiggn at the lower shelves while the lighter items are stored higher up. Wash up section should be the first place when the waiter enters the back area. The stacked and grouped dirties come in their groups to the first sink and here they are manually scrubbed with the hot water solution after which they are passed to the second sink where they are rinsed and ultimately to the third sink with tepid water where they are sanitized.

The wash up is carried out mainly in two methods: The racks are then passed through the machine, the crockery being washed, rinsed and sterilized. Bathroom equipments and surfaces, including the bathroom floor and tiles as well as bathroom mirrors.

There are two main methods used for dishwashing for foodservice operations- 1. Stwearding disposal and kitchen sanitation.

The inventory of all the articles is regularly taken and tallied with the book stock. Plate powder, winch is pink in colour, is mixed with spirit and sobbed over die surface of article to remove tarnish. Dividing curtains highly resistant to chemical agents and heat are present. Mero Future 1 August at The drum is lined with rubber to avoid any damage stewardijg the silver during the cleaning process. Rotisserie, its holding drawers, and its exteriors.


There should be no right angle corner in between floor stewardihg wall to prevent accumulation of dirt. The first method is known as three sink washing method. There is a large drum which is half filled with ball bearings and there is a rod in the center used for putting the handles of the cups and jugs.

Debris should be removed from the crockery before it is placed into the wire racks.

Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design | INTERIOR DESIGN STYLE

Maintaining washing machine, burnishing machine and other equipments Great care should be taken while washing glassware. Ware wash and maintenance of silver room: Preparing the duty roster 3. This is excellent information. These should be washed, rinsed, sanitized, and hung upside down so as to allow the excess liquid to drip down and for the mops and brushes to dry.

Singh 30 November at It should also be kept well away from the cooking area so as to avoid contaminating the food with anything harmful to the body. Changing trends Earlier it was the onus of the chef to plan the menu, keep the kitchen clean, manage costs and budget, look into aspects of hygiene and, of course, cook. Then they are rinsed and sterilized in another section of the layyout. Anonymous 15 December at About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. We think you have liked this presentation.

After Every Four Hours There are also some areas in the kitchen as well as kitchen items that need to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized every four hours. The plates and other earthenware are stacked and put in a wired basket, and the glass wares in a separate similar basket to avoid breakage.

The ceiling of store should not be less than 12 feet from floor level. They should also be washed, rinsed, and sanitized between each use. AMC Records Register — to maintain the annual maintenance records of all equipments. This position maintains all Stewarding functions. Sanitize in warm water using chlorine or directly in steam or hot air.


Not only will these guidelines prevent the contamination of food with harmful substances, but this will also protect the diners as well as the staff from these harmful substances. These machines are usually operated by two people, one for sorting soiled items and to feed the machine and the other to collect the clean ware. Then they are rinsed and sterilized in another section of the machine.

Mixer base and exterior. A dirty kitchen can ruin the reputation of a restaurant, however good its name may be. The three main types of machines are 1.

Stewarding department

Smaller items such as ashtrays, menu card holders, table numbers, cruet set, butter dishes are best stored in drawers lined with green baize.

After a few minutes, the article is thoroughly rinsed in boiling water and wiped dry with a clean cloth. Condiment containers need to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized. The height of the bar is normally inches. TamilSelvam 12 July at Callum Smith 30 November stewardinb Green renewable and recyclable materialYellow non renewable and recyclable materiallayut non recyclable and non renewable.

It is a solution of low foam acid detergent designed to remove lime scale, iron stains, and other an deposits of hard water. These are in terms of the temperatures to be maintained for the buffet both hot and cold three times a day.

This method is suitable for large pieces of silver such as salvers, trays, entree dishes, jugs, etc.