Buy Bio Ionic Retex Hair Straightening System, Retex Kit on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified It tends to flip in weird directions when I don’t style it. It does come with a manual. I believe it was 35 minutes to an hour depending how long your is (even with virgin hair). Sep 3, by Stella. See all 2 answers. 1. Bio Ionic Retex Hair Straightening System utilizes advanced ionic technology to straighten the hair with amazing results. This bre.

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Developed by Bloop Designs Inc. Try not to tangle the hair. I have short hair so it was easy, if you have longer hair team up with a friend.

I think this is somewhat a way to make you go to a professional salon. But you can do it at home. IonFixx —Spray liberally all over hair. Hair is veryy hard and sticks together like crazy at this point. Continue at crown, down to the occipital bone area part. Easy to style it literally took off 20 mins of stlying time. Rather, it looks retdx I was born with naturally straight hair. Then apply section by section, folding them over.

Apply shine sealer to wet hair. DO NOT apply if any chemical service has occurred within the last 10 days. This will neutralize the 1 product still in your hair and will take all the bad odor from the hair and will stop the alcaline process from the number 1 product.


Use sections and start from the nape of the head and go up.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Follow the above technique only on the regrowth area, sliding the iron all the way to the ends only on your last slide. Part hair in four quadrants. I like this result much better because it looks like I got a Brazillian Keratin treatment, natural-looking straight, frizz free hair. Modified by Best Digital Products.

Asked my mother, who used to instructiond in a hair salon, to section hair off into small part and apply retexturing cream 1 using a hair-dye brush and a comb to evenly distribute product. It seems this is “recommended to use by a profesional”. DO NOT allow contact with eyes.

The average processing time is 25 minutes. The hair on the bottom of the head got the full hour treatment since it was the first section for the cream to be applied, and it was much straighter when I used the flat iron than the top sections, which only got 30 min treatment. Pin straight hair also greatly reduces volume and makes my face look bigger. I was scared to do it, but I’m so happy with the results!

Bio Ionic Retex straightening process – video dailymotion

Ionic Technology Top 10 Hair Treatments. This, believe me, you can do it your self. Apply product to the ends at shampoo bowl. Look for the elasticity of a thin rubber band as compared to the elasticity of a thick rubber band.


Click here to read more. Work fast, and the maximum time depending on the type of hair is 30 minutes fine hair less time. There are two tubs that fit nicely into one box. Determine type of hair and protect accordingly iProtect -line of demarcation to ends, after you finish with the application of Cream 1.

Bio Ionic Retex Instructions: How To Apply Bio Ionic Retex

Then blow dry hair. I wanted to be extra thorough. Do not remove protective products from hair. Then start massaging each section. Start application from the occipital bone area, parting down to the nape first. I followed the instructions to the T, except for using the Bio Ionic flat iron. It was so easy to use with an amazing result. Took about 30 min to finish application, even though directions say it should only last for 6. Proceed to the front area and apply from top parting, ionci to ears.


Apply all over hair. Rwtex she pregnant only perform the service after their first 3 months of pregnancybreastfeeding, or taking any hormonal replacement medications. But that’s because they usually do passes that makes my hair extremely fragile and thin.