nifty trading strategy for working professionals

lets see how much quantities to buy; you will use 40 of your trading capital for buying this nifty option. Also figured he was. So if you have.1,00,000 in your trading account then you will buy nifty options worth.40,000/- before trading with options remember trading options always involve high degree of risk, moreover its your hard earned money invest it wisely.

Before starting with this strategy you need to keep at least. Buy above the resistance breakover, Above the resistance line, I bought Nifty for a sweet 50 points gain! Whenever that pullback happens, you will need to buy Nifty Call Option, now I am telling how to choose correct strike price for nifty options, just look at this example: If the nifty spot is 10400 then buy nifty 10600 call options.e.

Nifty trading strategy for working professionals
nifty trading strategy for working professionals

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Other than this, I also created Strategies for me to make money on a daily basis without even stressing much. I happened to be in a Black Tuxedo and probably looked like one and he networked with me too. Buy when RSI crosses upper limit and Sell when RSI crosses lower limit. One very unique one of the Strategies lot is: EMA crossover strategy, examples below: Todays chart: 40 Points Captured in one trade: 810 points Profit 63 points proft on Nifty, my friend, you would have made a fortune of 63 points on Nifty. But in this strategy, we are going to do the opposite.e.