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take a second shot. Videographers will feel the loss of the ND filter most of all though, as theyre essential for achieving motion-friendly shutter speeds when filming in bright conditions with larger apertures. While the RX100 VI finally gains a touchscreen, it still lacks any kind of external microphone input. I really noticed it when vlogging in dim interiors with the Mark VI where the higher ISO resulted in less detailed footage than the Mark V under the same conditions. Simply point the RX100 at a scene or subject and the camera analyses it and automatically chooses one of 11 pre-optimised settings to best suit. Olympus handles this much more sensibly with its ART filters, which are only applied to jpeg files, leaving the RAW file (if enabled) as a backup, and even lets you grab all (or a selected bunch) of the ART filters in one go with ART. Sony RX100 VI design and controls.

Anything you shoot from this moment onwards will be tagged by the position provided by your phone without further interaction, and the camera will automatically re-establish the link when powered off and on again. Still, the combination of the fast lens with a seven- bladed circular aperture and the big sensor is a real joy to use, allowing you to easily create defocused depth-of-field effects that you simply can't achieve with most other pocket cameras. Completing the rear of the RX100 is a button with a question mark. The Mark VI also inherits the electronic shutter option introduced on the Mark. Id say youd be hard pushed not to record the decisive moment. White Balance and DRO bracketing is also available. Note that the camera battery is charged via the USB port, rather than a more convenient separate charger, so it's a good idea to invest in an extra battery. The Function menu proves to be a very handy way to quickly change the RX100's key settings and one of the main ways of setting the camera to suit your shooting style. If theres no room for a physical socket, I wonder if its possible for Sony to fit one on the optional grip accessory or perhaps exploit Bluetooth for a wireless solution? Note youre not allowed to adjust the optical zoom in the panorama mode it sets itself to wide automatically and stays there.

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