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does not exercise the option. Get a better understanding of the most traded pair in the world. Not all brokers and trading platforms provide easy and quick access to associated news on all instruments. . Stock, commodity and currency markets become more and more popular and friendly also increasing their liquidity. Just like with commodity markets, a future in the forex market normally designates a contract length of 3 months in duration. Commodity futures : Futures on highly-liquid commodities like crude oil and gold make them good instruments for day trading. Full Article, trading Crude Oil A Beginners Guide. Bond futures : Bonds may not be the best trading instruments for day trading due to the high capital requirement. The Bottom Line Day trading is an exciting and intense activity, which often attracts beginners.

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Forwards are normally performed as a hedging instrument used to either deter or alleviate risk in the investment activity. In all of the futures and options trading based on different underlying assets, the availability of a mini-contract series offers the best combination of low contract size requiring low capital investment and high volume. More importantly, day trading in bond futures offers much-needed diversification for toughest forex broker usa ratings traders (depending upon the overall economic cycle). Msft ) at 10:15.m., take a long position and square it off in 45 minutes for a quick profit. Liquidity at a stock exchange is lower than at Forex exchanges. Process of internationalization of financial markets is expanding. Currency swaps can be negotiated to mature up to 30 years in the future, and involve the swapping of the principle amount.