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of time mentoring and volunteering at my daughter's kindergarten class. What stage of the game are forex bank åpningstider we in? I'm also very much involved in ministry and the community at large. Preparation and patience - Make sure your cleats are clean. It's like any other method - you have successes and you have failures.

Wave 1-2 equals waves 3-4 (shows symmetry). There are a few free online resources, but other than regurgitating the basic wave structure along with a fleeting mention of the sweet zone, I haven't seen any real discussion as to how you locate the best price to enter into the trade.

It doesn't matter, he did his job, he hit the ball hard right on the sweet spot. Anything less won't be tolerated. Make sure your mind is prepared. In fact, he might even strike out. In my opinion, trading in the sweet zone is very similar to a major league hitter when he gets into the batter's box.

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Just to clarify up front, I don't claim to be a Wolfe wave guru. My hope is that "iron will sharpen iron" and that the end result will be a growing group of seasoned Wolfe wave gurus. Personal note My name is Kurt. Draw the lower trendline connecting points 1 and 3 and wait for price to hit point. Forex Indicators: None, anything Else?: Yes, you must know how to spot wolfe wave forming and know how to draw the wolfe wave lines that required you to buy or sell. Heres how a Wolfe Wave EPA Line is drawn for a Bullish Wolfe Wave: Heres how a wolfe wave EPA Line is drawn for Bearish Wolfe Wave Pattern: A bullish wolfe wave pattern appears to be forming. Below is my mechanical exit strategy ( I like to divide my positions up into 3 equal parts). Wolfe wave trading requires training your eyes to spot setups. Trading Elliott Waves is another interesting trading concept built around waves that you may like to check it out after reading this. Dont forget to share, tweet and mention this wolfe wave trading system to your fans and friends that are interested in forex trading. For a buy trade, when price moves up as anticipated and starts creating higher swing lows, move your stop loss and start trailing stop your trade as this happens.