icici currency selling rate

for account opening. Expertise - You can access to our Daily Research Reports as well as Fundamental Technical Reports and Advisory. Flexibility - You can select the Currency Pair USD/INR, EUR/INR, GBP/INR and JPY/INR in which you wish to trade. Date:, currency, bank Buying, rate, bank. If the receiver is an icici Bank account holder in India, then Express e-transfer is an attractive option as it lets customers transfer money instantly 24x7, 364 days. The fee for transferring money is low, 2 for transferring up to 1000 and no fee above that amount.

If you do not have an account with icici Direct, help us open your account and experience the world of online investing. Card rate will be applicable for all customer forex transactions at branches.

All customers are eligible to use e-transfer facility and it takes around 4 days to transfer money. Trade in prominent currencies like US Dollar, euro, Pound, Yen against Indian Rupee. Up to 1500 CAD : 4 CAD. Check the exchange rates before initiating the transfer. Low Taxation (No forex mistakes STT and CTT). Icici Direct offers you a simple and convenient way to trade and hedge your currency risk in four pair of Currencies- Dollar, Euro, Pound and Japanese Yen against Indian Rupee.

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