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options strategies and unable to find the answers were looking for. This was previous known as "dont give up your day job" 1 8 9 years 40 weeks ago by Chrisw years 28 weeks ago by Phil Newton Forum Archive Archived Forum posts years 41 weeks ago by Phil Newton Beginners Forum Want to ask. Indicator Warehouse A provider of day trading indicators and systems for the Ninjatrader software. The contributors are committed and helpful. More day traders create more resources. Having a team that understands trading does help to improve the quality of discussion. Local Forums on Day Trading Local forums often have threads discussing day trading or trading in general.

Traders Laboratory, traders Laboratory is another forum with many day traders and a section devoted to Day Trading and Scalping. Share it with others and get feedback from members to improve everyone's overall knowledge. Years 41 weeks ago by Phil Newton years 2 weeks ago by Phil Newton Member's area Need help? The Rest of the Day Trading Universe Other than the forums listed above, there are dozens of small day trading forums out there. Discussions are kept on topic and consolidated to avoid multiple threads on the same subject. Also see exlcusive member information here 11 51 9 years 35 weeks ago by Fab1000 Socials Arrange to meet up with other members in your local area 5 90 9 years 19 weeks ago by Phil Newton 5 19 10 years 41 weeks ago. These forums provide valuable information, especially for traders outside US and.

India E-investing India is an online community with discussions on Day Trading. To start browsing through T2W, you can start with Captain Currency and. Other traders would offer their opinion or ask questions about the trade. The following is a list of such broker/vendor day trading forums. To find out more about what the Elite membership offers, register first as an ordinary member.

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