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use a specific price. Get notified of virtually all events, either via email or MT4 notifications directly on your mobile device. 12 different trailing stop types, which can be activated at a certain profit level. Get the complete overview on all your trades, and see how close each individual trade is from the SL and. 3) Take the rest of your profit and exit the trade completely. That is certainly where almost all traders do not succeed. Close or partially close any order with one click. Set SL on the Last Bar. Garen Ovsepyan - Sharpe Sigma How many computers can I install FX Synergy on? Using the clone feature, you can clone some or all settings from a single order to one or multiple orders. EA Time Filter, section.

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Use None: Fixed. Can also be used in reverse, to close orders if the profit or pips dips below a certain level. The main difference will be in your take profits. In the worst case, the price would hit your new stop loss (at break-even). This includes Windows Server 2008 and later. Emergency TP Section 3 Special Types of Modifying and Closing Orders In this section, trader is provided with a very diverse variety of different managing tools. We are working on how to find online jobs from home adding support for MetaTrader 5, NinjaTrader, cTrader and Sierra Chart. Watch as the risk increases or decreases as you modify your stops. So, it does not interfere with traders decision. This includes Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and later. Group market orders and automatically close the remaining orders in the group when a certain order is closed. If youve taken a signal that respected your strategy, theres a good chance that the price of the currency will move in your favor.