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Debt problems, Consumer Credit Counselling. How To Claim A Refund For Excessive Bank Charges. So Wikaniko gets my highest mark of 9 out. For example, for personal sales you would receive 33 of the points value for sales up to 199 a month, 37 for sales from 200 to 399 a month, 41 for sales between 400 and 999 a month and 45 for monthly sales of 1,000. Europe VIP Casino, Royal EU Casino, Royal VIP Table business opportunity watch August 2007 Issue. 8 Buy any review in this issue for 3 or Get access to all issues with a 7-Day Trial Subscription Page. Logicworks Ltd/Money Switch review of system to make money on eBay Money Switch / promoted by Simon Coulson of Business Opportunity Review / originating from Lifetime Enterprises Ltd, Linda Sheridan, James Sheridan, Sheridan Enterprises Group Inc / Neal Hathaway, Geraldine Roberts /previous promotions from James. This compares to total commission levels of 60 and more in multi-level companies where all the emphasis is on recruiting other people into the scheme rather on than selling products. This site is financed by you, instead of by biz opp ads and commission links. Charter Financial Solutions review of home based finance agency opportunity Christopher James, Christopher Lake, Cheshire Financial Services, Cheshire Finance, Christopher James, Christopher Lake, How To Get A Refund.