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will send the compiled EA for you Click here for registration instructions. Introducing you to our long waited absolutely fresh project Grid. Like: first space will be 40 pips, second 50 pips, third 60 pips and so on Whats the point? This software will do the job for you all automated! MultiLotsFactor : used to calculate the lot size to be used on the next trade. Warning, this version will be locked to your trading account, and will work only with you own trading account, so nobody can use it or stole ir from you. At the moment when you start this Grid EA, it will immediately begins placing pending orders across your chart in both directions, so the price will never have a change to escape.

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Please click here for information about how to enter your trading. Because it is binary options affiliate networks the only way to gain profit from always chaotic and unpredictable Forex market. This software might be just for you! Each field is explained, what it does and how it would effect your trading. For example: this means that if you put.01 in LotAdd field your first trade above or below your channel will.01, second.02, third.03 and so on This way you will get more trading power when the market is not moving very. Copyright to m We know that all of this information is not enough to explain all the system and how it works. You may Download it and read here for free: Click to Download and read the user manual guide for this new exclusive. The answer is simple: retracements! TrailStart : minimum profit to be guaranteed when the stoploss is moved to secure profit. In order to have constant profit in those markets one must understand at least basic laws of probabilities as well as create logic strategy using them.